Automation, measurement logging and loading computer systems

Automation systems

Switchgear systems for controlling and monitoring the storage and transfer processes must be designed to reflect the level of automation desired by the customer.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are usually designed as modular units with sufficient space allowed for later expansion. Depending on requirements, failsafe or high-availability systems should be used. In any case, emergency shut-off systems are extremely important and to be planned with safety-based designs.

Visual display systems are also used for displaying different operating states and the loading processes. They also offer, in addition to a comprehensive overview of the process, the option to quickly diagnose problems and adjust key parameters for loading systems via the service personnel.

Communication with higher-level systems, e.g., the central control room, is safeguarded by modern communications systems such as OPC, Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, etc.

With the aid of a secure internet connection (VPN), specialists from Scherzer's main office can also gain remote access directly to the customers systems. This offers the capability of having quick and straightforward assistance in case of system malfunctions or operating errors.

All systems must undergo a thorough communication and performance check prior to be shipped. Problems are recognized and eliminated in advance by simulating the different plant states and specifically creating any problem scenarios. This approach leads to significantly reduced commissioning phases and stabile plant operation.

Loading computer system

The process control systems (visual display systems) are combined with the functions of the loading computer, all entries, functions and representation of the loading system including the display of all safety states are presented on two color monitors. The PC system is normally installed in the control room.


Measurement logging systems

The transferred quantities are recorded with the aid of commercial logging systems, which are suited for the transfer of liquid products and are subject to legal control. Depending on requirements, volume or mass flow meters and weighing systems are implemented.

By integrating the measurement logging systems in the plant's overall monitoring system and taking the necessary signal and data transfer with PLC systems and loading computer systems into account it is possible to ensure a smooth overall operation of the plant. 

The measurement logging systems are to be planned and equipped according to customer requirements. Logging systems, which are subject to legal control, can be implemented either according to mass or volume VT (e.g. V 15o C).

The electronic measurement logging systems, suitable for the calibratable transfer of liquid products, consists primarily of the following:

  • Electronic computer with main metering module and remote metering module
  • Temperature mass conversion, density measurement
  • Electronic summation element
  • Quantity preselection
  • Digital flow regulation
  • Serial interfaces for external displays
  • Serial interfaces for multiplexer
  • Error curves - linearization

Basic functions for internal communication and administration of parallel processes are implemented via the operating system. The software has a modular design.

Radar measuring systems that are officially verified and approved are used for tanks and vessels. The corresponding tank management system is integrated in the complete automation process (OPC signal exchange).

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