From Planning through to Turnkey Solutions!

We are able to leverage many years of experience and know-how for planning and completing turnkey tank farms.

A tank farm is an extensive combination of a wide variety of systems that have to communicate with one another. Moreover, such projects include almost every conceivable contractual section (earth and foundation works, building construction, piping erection, structural steel, I+C, installation services, etc.) that are essential and must be planned and properly organized.

With regard to the commissioning of tank farms with all the necessary ancillary and material handling systems, it definitely makes sense for customers to look for solutions that come from a single source. In this context, we offer our extensive range of services. Scherzer can offer all services from planning, the necessary approval engineering and construction supervision through to the turnkey erection of systems and their commissioning. We are also able to provide commercial support services and ordering in the name and on account of the client. 

Do not hesitate to include us in your general planning. Extensive experience and expertise are an important resource for customers when implementing such tank farm projects. The corporate group of course offers planning and erection / modernization of ancillary systems and sub-systems of a tank farm. 

Concept development and planning of tank farms include, in addition to storage and transfer systems, structures that are vital to operations like:

  • Power supply,
  • Construction services such as foundations and catch basins,
  • Offices, staff areas, operational buildings and control rooms,
  • Construction of roads and roadways,
  • Track construction for tankfarm-internal rail traffic,
  • Drainage and filtering systems,
  • Piping systems and pump stations,
  • Structural steel for roofing structures and piping routes,
  • Heat and refrigeration generators,
  • Pressure and control air systems,
  • Corrosion protection,
  • Ground and lightning protection systems.
Tankfarm Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

More information about the individual ancillary systems can be found here.

The different structures for transfer systems can be found on the corresponding pages relating to transfer systems:

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