Rail car loading facilities

Rail car loading facilities are categorized depending on the required daily or annual liquid transfer rates.  Based on the flow profile, the rail car loading process technology is determined and  the following filling systems are used:

Loading facilities with individual top loading arms:

Individual top loading arms facilities are filling stations where filling takes place from the top and the loading capacity is low. These types of facilities are used for low daily or annual transfer rates and where space to arrange rail cars is limited. 

Series loading facilities

Series loading facilities are extended, linear facilities with a large number of top loading arms arranged in series. All rail car domes are opened, the top loading arm is manually inserted into the rail car and the loading operation for each rail car takes place almost simultaneously. This type of loading is mainly used when only one product is loaded and the rail car types (lengths) are always the same. 

What is the difference between a serial loading facility and a On Spot loading facility?

You will find the answer in our "Study to compare tank car On Spot loading systems with serial loading systems."