Environmental protection and safety

The following safety parameters are specified before the start of planning.

  • Type and extent of track ballast protection
    (spill containment pans, Procon sheet metal duct system)
  • Safety analyses
  • Requirements derived from BGR 132, TRBF and authority regulations

Spill containment system (track area) made of concrete:

Sheet steel spill containment systems:

Sheet steel spill containment systems:

The PROCON containment system is a modular system consisting of individual gutters, hoods and deflection plate segments installed on the track and neighbouring facilities and used as water-tight area to protect soil and ground water from contamination.

The containment system has been used in various applications and can be supplied in 5 mm thick sheet steel black or hot-galvanized, stainless steel V2A/V4A or an acid- and alkali-resistant PEHD plastic. For all types of material, the system can be designed in such a way that people can walk on it or an SLW 60 can drive on it, with a verifiable structural calculation.

The suitability of the system has been proven and certified by a general approval by building authorities Z-38.5-131 of the German Institute for BuildingTechnology.

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