Solid, top-quality, efficient!

The central element of each SCHERZER loading facility is the SCHERZER filling tube system. This system is specially designed according our customer requirements.

The SCHERZER filling tube is made on very sturdy machine technology and equipped with all devices for a continious and long-term usage. Quite a number (more than 200) of the filling tubes supplied by us have been in service for more than 40 years. Due to the hydraulic remote control, the filling tube can easily positioned  straight to the point. 

The sealing plate for i.a. Russian railcars is supported on springs between the filling tube and the tank car dome. The cutting edges are protected by sturdy brass strips. The sealing plate is vulcanised on a brass plate and screwed to the spring supported carrying plate, thus the seal-ing can be replaced without difficulty and at low cost.

The vapor is returned via a separate high-quality telescopic tube with multiple sealing. An approved system. Since 1988, we equipped more than 200 filling tubes with vapor return technology. Overall more than 250 filling tubes have been produced!