Disgin generally

Design of the loading and unloading equipment for the tank wagons for transferring the liquid hydrocarbon gases in and out of special tank wagons (KWG)

The loading equipment is planned, configured and built for:

  • new tank wagons or
  • reconstructing tank wagons

For rebuilding existing systems

The facilities are always planned and designed in accordance with the customer’s specifications of the On Spot rail car loading facility.Loading facilities with the design data:   

  • Climatic conditions (e.g. SNiP 23-01-99)
  • Performance data  incl. daily and annual capacities 
  • Plant operation and operating hours 
  • Number of products to be loaded and the volumes thereof to be transferred
  • Engineering requirements and components of the plant to be built. 
  • Environmental measures 
  • Special requirements 

Technological design  

Based on the design data the technological solutions of Dipl.-Ing. Scherzer GmbH for the specific type of operation under inclusion of state-of-the-art and innovative solutions are incorporated in the design:

  • single- or double-track tank wagon
  • installing the special 32 KWG tank wagons /track
  • degree of automation with a partially or fully automatic system
  • subsidiary systems such as operating units, storage tanks, pump stations, fire extinguishing systems and power supply
  • building and assembling operating units with turnkey systems as the general contractor of Dipl.-Ing. Scherzer GmbH
  • start up including performance documentation for systems