Truck loading and unloading systems

Economical favourable - ecologically effective!

The road tanker filling systems are designed according to economical and ecological aspects. They are erected at roofed filling places, designed for handling hazardous products

The filling rates can be designed for 2.200 litres/min. A control and data recording systems allows the operator to release all functions. No mal-operation or manipulation is possible. The loading documents are followed and processed in a central measuring station.

The hard stands of the road tankers are also used as collection basins in case of spillage and are equipped with overfill safeguards and forced earthing to avoid undue statically charges.

For the design of Truck loading systems, a variety of ancillary equipment is relevant to be considered during a complex planning.

  • Operations building (control room)
  • Foundation and catchment areas
  • Road construction and road systems
  • Pump stations
  • Pressure- and Control air systems
  • Steel constructions for roofing and pipe routes
  • Additiv systems and Slop systems
  • Drainage- and separation systems
  • Measurement control systems
  • Fire fighting systeme
  • Control- and automation systems
  • Visualisation
  • Loading computer systems
  • Power supply
  • Transformer and Power systems
  • Corrosion protection
  • Earthing- and lightning protection