Bottom Loading

Since the early 90s in Germany and in Europe tank trucks of the mineral oil industry (for the supply of gas stations) are filled by the bottom loading principle (bottom loading). Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH has been involved extensively in the development in Germany. SCHERZER has planned, optimized and placed into operation the first plants in Gelsenkirchen and Koblenz for the former Aral AG, SB RAS (today BP AG). Here various systems of the bottom loading system such as pneumatically controlled loading arm or hoses have been tested.

Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH was also involved in comprehensive tests of the quality assurance systems (QSS and ASS) and realized joint studies with the TÜV.

Today, more than 20 years later, the bottom loading system is used worldwide for the rapid filling of tank trucks. By loading a tank truck with the up to 5 Bottom loaders simulaneously and so of course for up to 5 different products, a signifivant reduction of the loading performance is possible.

During development and extensive testing of API couplings for the bottom loading process in Germany, Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH also supported the former Aral AG and helped to develop the optimum system for Germany.