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Best references!

Our family owned company started business with plant engineering of facilities for storage and handling of mineral oil and chemical products almost 50 years ago. If you are interested, we could organize reference journeys to one of our satisfied customers in Europe. You will find facilities of SCHERZER in:

Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Rep. du Benin, Bulgaria, Czech Rep., France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iran, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia and Switzerland.

The following references only represent a small selection of the different projects we have completed. 

With more than 250 filling tubes sold, we are the market leader for on-spot rail car loading systems. 

The complete and detailed reference list can be found here!

Here is a selection of our references (by clicking "more" you will receive additional information about the project, by clicking on the link next to the information, you will find detailed references with some selected photos):