Brochure Tankfarm


Tankfarms, handling plants and Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)

All plants are designed in compliance with the necessary legal regulations and Technical Rules for plants for storage, filling and transporting inflammable liquids and liquids which are hazardous to water.

The tank yard concept is designed in accordance with the logistics of the owner and the mode of operation.

Both fully automatic and partly automatic storage concepts are offered each depending on the requirements of the owner of the tank yard.

Design and planning of tank yards includes the following necessary structure  in addition to storage and handling facilities:


 Power supply of tank yards



• Construction work such as 
   foundations and collection basins



• Office, social and workshop buildings



• Street and road construction



 Track construction for rail traffic within the storage facility



Drainage and separation systems



 Pipeline systems and pump stands



 Steel structures for track roofing and pipe routes



 Heat and cold generators



 Compressed air and control air systems



Corrosion protection



 Earthing and lightning protection systems


 Manual and automatic fire extinguishing systems




When planning a new tank farm and/or implementing modernization projects, extensive logistical marginal conditions are to be taken into consideration during planning. This above all includes ensuring optimal roads for road tank trucks, an optimal tank vehicle filling solution and an optimal arrangement of tanks, additive vessels, control rooms, slop drainage stations, display panels, control systems, exit buildings, etc. 

Vapor recovery units (VRU)

are nowadays an integral part of every tank farm.

The international statutory regulations on air pollution control must be implemented in an optimal manner. In this context, Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH has proven its expertise in the optimal engineering and designing of these systems.  Scherzer advises each and every customer as to when a diaphragm system or activated carbon system is the right solution or when a vapor recovery system with or without gas storage is logical without prejudice given to specific suppliers, while presenting the pros and cons for each respective project. 

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