Professional loading and unloading systems from one hand!

LPG facilities

A proper transshipment of inflammable and dangerous products into the favoured or necessary transportation subject requires a high expert knowledge and experience. We possess knowledge of both and so, we can offer a suitable transshipment solution for raicars (liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons), tank trucks or ships from a single source.

For loading of mineral oil- and chemical products with a high loading performance into railcars, we draw on our long established and sucessfully prooved SCHERZER -filling tube technology.

SCHERZER loading and unloading systems will be designed and realized according your individual requirements.

Our systems are adapted (among others)  for transshipment of the following products:

  • Light products (petrol/gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, etc.)
  • Dark products (crude oil, bitumen, etc.)
  • Chemical products (arenes, acids, etc.)
  • Stable gas condensate
  • Liquid gases (propane, butane, LPG, etc.)
  • Biodiesel / Bioethanol
  • as well as all other liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH is the best partner for transshipment facilities in explosive areas.

You will receive competent consulting and a concept for your facility that corresponds with your individual needs. Further, we cinsider ecological as well as economical aspects in the design of your facility.

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