Design example of a loading facility:

Design data for the loading system:

•­ Double-track system to: 2 x 32  KWG

­• Loading performance: 128  KWG/d

•­ Manpower Estakade: 4

•­ Daily capacity max: 6,780  m³/d

                                  3,870   T/d

­• Reserve time / day: 6 hours /d

•­ Annual capacity (340 days): 1.315.800  T

Description of the technological operating system

The following operating systems are specifically engineered for complete loading tank wagons. The double-track loading tank wagon is equipped for a maximum of 32 KWG / track. The tank wagons are inspected with horizontally moveable folding steps for coupling and decoupling the flexible conduit loaders as well as sampling and leading the tank wagons.

Filling systems

Filling systems per filling position essentially consist of:

  • Flexible conduit loaders with quick-acting coupling for the product side and gas side
  • ­Pressure-relieving systems to the flare
  • ­Nitrogen rinsing for the loading equipment
  • ­Manometer combination
  • ­Monitored parking position for the product loaders and gas loaders
  • ­Controlled product fittings DN80 product sorts
  • ­Controlled gas fittings and detonation guard DN50
  • 4-step folding stair with monitored parking position
  • ­Horizontally moveable for safe KWG inspection
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Equipped with protective basket
  • Earthing test instrument for monitored forced earthing for the tank wagons during KWG filling

Filling regulation

The filling flow is limited to 45 m³/h per filling position to prevent electrostatic charges when filling the tank wagon in connection with as much as 32 KWG / track.

Data logging

The data logging of the quantity loaded / KWG are recorded legal-for-trade with a:

  • Dynamic weighing – bridge, located in front of the railcar loading unit. With passing of the weighing – bridge  with a railcar unit (before and after loading procedure), the quantity loaded per railcar will be recorded legally approved.


  • Coriolis - mass meter DN80, certified as a licensed measuring instrument in connection with the appropriate control electronics for calculating:

The quantities loaded are registered and administered in the Scherzer loading computer and the loading voucher is printed out. The loading data can be exported to the customer’s host system.

Gas Return

The gas is returned with a DN50 gas flexible conduit loader, equipped with DN50 detonation guard and controlled DN50 fittings to the storage tanks.  The pressure for the tank wagons is compensated to the storage tanks via gas line before beginning to fill the tank wagons.

Loading Computer / Visualisation System

The process control system (visualisation) is combined with the function of the loading computer by keying in all inputs and functions. The loading system is shown on 2 colour monitors including the display of all states having an impact on safety. The PC system is installed in the combined electrical operating container of the liquid gas tank wagon.


Control and Monitoring System

The control and monitoring system (PLC) is installed in the combined electrical operating container of the liquid gas system.

The PLC carries out all locks for the liquid gas loading tank wagon having an impact on safety, issues filling releases on the operating terminals of each of the filling points and controls loading via quantity calculation (filling regulation) and opening/closing pneumatic fittings.

Low-Voltage Switchgear

The low-voltage switchgear uses fused outgoing circuits to supply the field units such as electrical heaters, lighting and switchgears with the voltage levels 380/220 V AC and 24 V DC in the loading tank wagon.

Gas Alarm System

The gas alarm system consists of the gas sensors installed at exposed places in the tank wagon.

Emergency-Off Control

Pressing an emergency-off button interrupts the entire loading operation.  The de-energised fittings (spring-energy closing) automatically go into safety position.

Electrical Operating Container 

The electrical room is a combined container (L x W x H) 15.42 x 3.00 x 2.84 m with:

  • a compressor room (2.42 x 3.0 x 2.84) equipped with a redundant compressor ready for operation for instrument air. (dew point  –60°C),
  • operating room (6.0 x 3.0 x 2.84) equipped with a computer system, loading computer,  WinCC visualisation and intercom,
  • the operating room is also equipped with heating and air conditioning,
  • ETA/MSR room (7.0 x 3.0 x 2.84) equipped with control and monitoring system ready for operation, low-voltage switchgear and USV system for supplying voltage to the automation system if there is a power failure

The electrical room is equipped with an automatic CO2 extinguisher.

CO2 Extinguisher

The CO2 extinguisher is mounted in a CO2 container installed next to the electrical container (L x B x H) 4.12 x 2.5 x 2.8 m completely ready for operation and is automatically triggered by fire alarm box if there is a fire.

Meteorological Cabin

The meteorological cabins are installed on the tank wagon platform.

They provide a place for the operating personnel  stay when monitoring the loading process in the cold seasons.


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