ON Spot loading facilities

The concept of On Spot rail car loading facilities handling liquid hydrocarbons and mixtures thereof meets the highest requirements in terms of fire protection and operational safety and user-friendliness of the complete automated plant.

Dipl.-Ing. Scherzer GmbH has specialized in loading systems for rail cars using the On Spot principle for the discriminating customers worldwide and  for all types of rail cars.

  • Design pressure:

1.6 MPa PN16

  • Design temperature:

+ 55°C / - 60°C

  • High operational safety:

operability guarantee with specified design data 

  • Plant performance:

guarantee of required daily and annual capacities    

  • Quality assurance:

when handling more than one liquid hydrocarbon via product distributor.  

What are On Spot facilities?  You will find the answer here.

Design of On Spot rail car loading facilities

Design, configuration and construction for 

       • new on Spot rail car loading facilities

       • modernization of existing facilities

Design data:

The facilities are always planned and designed in accordance with the customer’s specifications of the On Spot rail car loading facility. 
Loading facilities with the design data: 

Loading facilities with the design data: 

  • Climatic conditions (e.g. SNiP 23-01-99)
  • Performance data  incl. daily and annual capacities
  • Plant operation and operating hours 
  • Number of products to be loaded and the volumes thereof to be transferred
  • Engineering requirements and components of the plant to be built. 
  • Environmental measures  and regulations
  • Special requirements

Technological design:

Based on the design data the technological solutions of Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH for the specific type of operation under inclusion of state-of-the-art and innovative solutions are incorporated in the design:

  • Single-track or double-track On Spot loading facilities
  • Number of coupled rail car and track routing
  • Number of filling stations and filling pipes
  • Kind of shunting equipment (rail car pulling system or remote-controlled shunting vehicles)   
  • Ancillary systems, such as operating units, storage tanks, pump stations, fire fighting systems and power supply etc.  
  • Construction of the operating units for turnkey plants as general contractor of   Dipl.-Ing. Scherzer GmbH
  • Commissioning incl. performance test of plants   

The On Spot facilities for liquid hydrocarbons and the related equipment planned and designed by Dipl.-Ing. Scherzer GmbH  are state-of-the-art and comply with the national statutory provisions for design, e.g.  <<UP AUTN 96>> . All requirements of national regulations are observed in project planning .

The project documentation is prepared in the following steps: 

  • Basic design (e.g. in Russia as per item 4 SNiP 11-01-95)
  • Expert report
  • Permitting for project operation 
  • Project scoping (building permit)
  • Detailed design (engineering documentation))
  • Rail construction
  • Tank construction
  • Above and below ground structures
  • Steel construction
  • Piping 
  • Electrical/instrumentation